Our goals are not just performing a single event, promotion or activation of a specific product but
but rather work brand experience, leveraging result and impacting people. Here are our latest update.

Sedania Inovator banks on better consumer spending in FY16

Date: 17 Dec 2015

Sedania launches new app to tap mobile data market

Date: 17 Dec 2015

Robust data mart to drive Sedania's growth in 2016

Date: 17 Dec 2015

Sedania Innovator launches a new app

Date: 17 Dec 2015

Sedania Innovator perkenal aplikasi ShareShare OTT

Date: 17 Dec 2015

Sedania Innovator yakin lebih kukuh 2016

Date: 17 Dec 2015

Green Billing : A Greener Today for A Better Tomorrow

Date: 04 May 2014

Driving a culture of innovation

Date: 03 May 2014

IDOTTV bags global ICT award

Date: 06 Dec 2012

The FIRST Malaysian Winner

Date: 23 Oct 2012

‘Ready to tackle the world’

Date: 14 May 2012

Sedania’s World Innovative Team Set to Drive Innovation In Mobil

Date: 08 Apr 2012

Best Mobile Application Award For Idottv

Date: 14 Feb 2012

IDOTTV-International Arch of Europe Frankfurt 2011

Date: 08 Jul 2011

Green Billing permudah bayaran bil

Date: 16 May 2011

‘Green’ bill does us proud

Date: 11 Apr 2011

Malaysian Green Mobile Billing Gets International Boost

Date: 18 Mar 2011

ASTRO Awani Meja Bulat: Membangun Usahawan ICT Part 2

Date: 10 Nov 2010

IDOTTV Showcases Products At Communic Asia 2010

Date: 16 Jun 2010